Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It is amazing how one Sunday can be very different from the next Sunday. This past Sunday was pretty exciting as we began our first in a series entitled Storytellers. The main premise of the series is that God is telling a story through each of our lives. As we go through this series we are looking at David's story along with the stories and testimonies of current people. Our main challenge to our people is whether they want 2011 to be a year that God tells his story of grace and transformation through them. As I challenged people a majority said they want this to be their story in 2011. A great Sunday! Totally different from the previous Sunday I wrote about last week with some of the guests we had.

Through this series we will be challenging people to go to our website and briefly share a story of transformation and grace in your life; the evidence of God moving. Feel free to be a part of the fun!

Please continue to pray for us and this ministry.
Pray that as I am full time now with the church that we may be able to raise the remaining $15,000 needed.
Pray that people will continue to be challenged to let God tell their Story in 2011.

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