Tuesday, January 18, 2011


What is your story? What does your life tell? What do others see as they look at your life? Is there joy, hope, constant struggle, constant trial, growth, fear, grace, mercy? Does God have anything to do with your story? If so... what?

I know probably a popular question, but have we truly stopped to consider our response? I am currently speaking through a series at Awaken entitled Storytellers. I believe that each of our lives are a story set to the backdrop of life. No matter what our life shows whether with pain and struggles or/and excitement and adventure God is telling something. What is God telling and how does that have anything to do with me? If we look deep enough at our life's story I firmly believe we will find God at work.

What if I told you your story is even a unique tapestry that God is intertwining with the lives of others to tell of his mercy and grace. Yes your story doesn't stand alone. Sometimes hard to comprehend being that we live in a very individualistic society. But as you look at other cultures, through the scriptures, and deep within our lives you will find a larger story that you are only a part of. Yes you are part of something bigger. I don't want to go there, but isn't that part of our internal groaning? To be a part of something bigger.

You are through your Story part of God's Bigger Story. We don't stand alone we stand together with our stories united showing our need for God, his desire for us, and how he leaves us changed for ever. All through a story of mercy and grace. Isn't that the true gospel of Jesus? Isn't that what the church is supposed to share?

Let's share our stories. Go to the Awaken website that is attached and find the Sorytellers link to a feed of stories that together create a tapestry of God's moving. Or click the following link.

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