Monday, July 15, 2013

That Kind Of Person

As I think of the heart of Jesus I can't help but think of that kind of person.  You know the blind man Jesus spit in the mud and healed.  Peter, the fisherman who looked and smelled and cussed like your modern day sailor.  Matthew the trader who cared more about swindling people out of money as a Roman Tax Collector then he did his own people.  The woman who married and slept with any man who would show a slight interest in her.  You know that kind of person.  The wee little man hanging out in a tree after swindling even his mom out of her life savings.  This man was so bad he lead the whole group of extortionists.  You know that lady that was caught sleeping around.  When I think about Jesus, I can't help but think of that kind of person because it seemed as though that's who Jesus thought most about too.

But why?  Why would Jesus think of these people?  Maybe a better question why did he always seem to be reaching out to that kind of person?  All I can think of is love.  Love made him do it.  Love made Jesus build a reputation of the King of Misfits.  You know those people who love Rocky Horror Picture show.  Jesus' love for people made him go to extremes to send the life line that so many need.  Love makes you do crazy things.  After all my love for my wife makes me go shoe shopping.  Even though shoe shopping doesn't compare to the extremes Jesus went to in order to share and show His love.

As I think of Jesus' love to that kind of person I scratch my head in disbelief that Jesus' Church doesn't have the same reputation.  Why are we not known as the Church of Misfits?  Why do people believe they need to put things together in their lives to come in?  Why aren't we known for loving that kind of person.  Jesus once stated the greatest of all commands, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  The second is this Love your neighbor as yourself".

Who do you love?  Jesus was basically saying if you love God you will love people... you will even love that kind of person.  After all aren't we all that kind of person.  Deep inside each of us is the idolater, the adulterer, the greedy swindler, the user, the list can go on and I hope we get the point.  We are the misfits and I pray God breaks my heart for other misfits.  Because if you show me a person whose heart doesn't break for people, I will beg the point that they have lost the heart of Jesus. 

Jesus loved that Kind of Person and I'm glad He did!

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