Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Remembering Our First Camp

4th of July Celebration at Mount Trashmore
It is amazing to step back and see the favor that God has granted us as a church in this community.  I very clearly remember when Awaken was just a dream in my head while Connie and I were still living in Goshen Indiana.  I remember landing in Virginia Beach 6 years ago not knowing a soul feeling a burden to plant churches through the Hampton Roads area that can take the gospel around the world.  Starting out bi-vocational I remember using a GPS to get from home to work.  These past few days God has brought up these memories as I've watched an amazing community at Awaken step up and lead now two of our largest "Branding" and "Bridge" events to the community.  Over the weekend Awaken set up 4 bounce houses, provided face painting, and sack race games for thousands of people who came to our local Mount Trashmore park for the 4th of July fireworks display.  As I watched our incredible volunteers invite thousands of people and their kids to take part in the fun I remembered our first booth which had none of the above with only 2 video game counsels and free water.  Wow how a few years, God's favor, and incredible people at Awaken has changed this.  This we would refer to as a "Branding" event where we are able to just let the community know we are here and want to love and engage with them.

Kid Identification Cards Free to Parents
Following the 4th of July Celebration we began the 6th year of our Free Soccer Camp.  As I watched car loads of kids show up I remembered our first camp we hosted before we even had a public worship gathering.  That first soccer camp maybe totaled 12 kids.  Now hundreds of kids and adults partake every year.  This we would refer to as a "Bridge" event where we are able to begin meeting people over a 4 day camp and make a little stronger connections.

Please be in prayer now as we continue the next 3 days of our camp and then host an awards celebration this Sunday back at the theater we worship in while after providing a free lunch and the classic movie Space Jam.  We would say this is a "Bonding" event where our goal is to help people build stronger relationships both within Awaken and within the community. 

Ages 5-8 at our Community Soccer Camp

Again this week has been a great reminder of all that God has done in the short time we have started Awaken 6 years ago with 3 people in a living room and only a vision and prayer to see people changed for eternity.  Please pray over this week that we are able to continue to build strong relationships with people in the community.  Please pray for all the people volunteering from Awaken and also many friends of people who have come out to help.  Please pray at the end of the day people are brought closer to Jesus and Awaken has deep and lasting impact in people's lives.


Anonymous said...

i pray for you and Connie on a regular basis. Our God is awesome. Mike and Connie thank you for you faithfulness. Rick from Norton, Ohio

Unknown said...

Thank you Rick for your prayers! They are much needed as it can be a difficult city to minister in due to the continued transient population.

Anonymous said...

Still praying for "Healing In," "Raising Up," and "Sending Out." May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirits. Mark "Cappy" Lingenfelter. Hopewell, PA.

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