Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Thanks Uncle Sam!!

Every time I turn around lately I've been challenged by the idea of imagination and innovation.  It could be watching Silas (my 3 year old) turn anything into a sword and rocket launcher or maybe it's watching the imagination of God's people come alive.  Over the last year Doug and Ashley have become a part of Awaken after moving into the area for a military transfer.  They represent what I love about the imagination of this area.  Despite only being a couple of years in their faith Doug has caught the imagination for movement of the gospel.  Upon his workups for deployment over the last couple months Doug came to us and repeated to us one of our core rhythms of "sending out" and said I believe Jesus wants me to start a church on my ship while I'm out to sea.  What if we could ignite the imagination of "the Church" and help people see themselves sent as carriers of the gospel and therefore the seeds of a Church Plant?

Please pray for Doug as he is expanding God's kingdom as a missionary literally around the world as you read this.  Also please pray for Ashley and their 3 kids and the Awaken family as we care and love on them while her husband and their daddy is out.  And yes please thank God for Uncle Sam who is paying for this missionary journey!!

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