Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Growth Everywhere

I remember moving to Virginia Beach two years ago to start a church with the hope and prayer of seeing people come to know Christ in a real and life changing way. That dream and prayer became a reality over the past couple of months and just this past Sunday was evidenced in our first baptism as a church.

It was great to see people in the church look on as we gathered in an apartment complex pool where the family being baptized lives. You could genuinely tell that the people of Awaken were not only excited for this husband and wife, who recently made decisions for Christ, but were also envisioning this being a regular occurance within this newborn church.

How fascinating that a new birth of a church brings a new birth of people following Christ and new birth of mothers to children. Thank you Jesus for new birth and growth everywhere. Please pray for this growth to continue into the Fall.

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