Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Hate My Marriage

I Hate My Marriage... no not really. I actually love my marriage, but I do know a lot of people are at this place in their lives. They look at their marriages and for whatever reason, mostly they have no answers for, their marraiges are not what they imagined them to become.

I know the title is shocking, but so is the fact that so many marriages are hurting as the church stands around and watches. This fall we are launching a marriage series that will focus on all areas of marriage from expectations in marriage to friends, fears, and foxes that steal our marriages, even to what happens in between the sheets. Shhhh! I think it is called sex... Why you ask, because the Bible talks about all these areas and therefore we should as well.

So whether you Hate Your Marriage or you are experiencing a ripe and fruitful marriage (that can easily sour) or maybe you are not even married (either way it is still fun to talk about sex)... don't miss what God says about the topic we all care to know more about! We will be launching this series through the month of October... don't miss out!

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