Friday, October 7, 2011

Vintage Jesus

This past Sunday we just began our new Fall Series entitled Vintage Jesus. Through this series we are going to be helping to answer all kinds of questions that people have about Jesus. This past Sunday we looked at the question, was Jesus both Fully God and Fully Human? This coming Sunday we will talk about why something as cruel and violent as the cross is so instrumental to our faith.

Through this series we are also challenging our people to be bringing in old shoes to help an organization called Soles 4 Souls collect and send them to third world countries where children and people don't have the privilege of having shoes. Our goal is to raise up 1000 pairs of shoes. If you are interested in helping with this goal please notify myself. We don't want to just challenge our people to learn what the Bible says about Jesus, but to live out their faith in a real practical way. As the Bible says "faith without deeds is dead". We don't want to teach our people a dead faith.

In fact this Sunday I will be sharing a story with our people about a meeting I had with a young man from the community last week. Believe it or not I scheduled a meeting with this guy by simply telling him I liked his Tattoos. When we met at the local Panera he proceeded to tell me for the next two hours about how in the last three years he lost his mom, grandma, brother, and his dad committed suicide. They lived in Mexico and he was not even able to be at their funeral. As he spoke of their death, he told me of the pain he felt deep inside. I told him that I believed in God's providence and that I believe God arranged our meeting so I could share with him the healing that Jesus can bring. Please pray for Manuel as I will continue to try and meet with him.

Let us remember that Jesus is never Vintage and he is still doing today the same thing he has always done; pursuing His people. God please continue to challenge us to not a dead faith, but a faith that is sharing our material wealth through things like shoes and sharing with our mouths the healing that Jesus can bring.

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