Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Kinds of War

Our country this past month reached the 10 year mark of our War in Afghanistan. In our short time here in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area it is not hard to forget about this war being fought. As a church about 2/3 of our people are involved in this conflict. Some have even seen the loss of life from this War. This however is not the only war that is raging.

Over the past two weeks we covered a short series called Supernatural at our Sunday Worship Gatherings. The first week we talked about Angels, God's chosen Messengers to help minister to us. We learned in Hebrews 1:14 that all angels are sent to serve those of us that know Jesus. We also looked at Psalm 91:11-12 that tells us that God will command his angels to guard those pursuing Jesus in each step of their way. Last of all in Daniel 10 we are reminded of the spiritual war that is raging and how Daniel prayed for God's ministering angels to help in the battle he was going against.

As I preached this message I was reminded of all those that pray for this ministry. Thank you for being an army activating God's supernatural messengers into the war that is raging here in Virginia Beach, a war that involves all mankind, a war for the souls of people, a war of two kinds.

With a baby in the house it is not hard to wake up several times a night. However I am one who is quickly able to fall back asleep. However just last week I was tossing and turning and finally asked God is there something you want to tell me. At that point I felt like God pressed upon me the reminder to pray for God's messengers to minister in this war. With that I thank you and ask you to continue to pray with us to see churches started here in this area of the country where so many of our soldiers live and work.

  • 4-5 families from Awaken that are being stationed elsewhere. Some of these are people we have reached with the Gospel. This fits our vision of reaching all over the world through seeing families sent from here. Praise God for seeing this happen so early on.
  • Pray that God replaces some of these families who were contributing to the work here.
  • Some of our people are facing critical decisions of family, careers, kids, etc. please pray for our people as they long to pursue Jesus
  • Community Groups are Groups we have that meet in different parts of the city. Please pray that we are able to move toward seeing 80% of our people in groups in order to Grow, Connect, and Serve together in reaching their area of the city.
  • Over the last 6 months we have doubled in size going from 30 to roughly 60 in Worship. As a result we are trying to raise up new leaders to continue paving the way to reaching more with the Gospel. Pray for us as we work hard in this.
  • We are starting something new to gather all of our volunteers to communicate and celebrate what God has done and where God is taking us. We are calling these Team Development Celebrations. Pray this creates a momentum within volunteering and allows people an easy place to get plugged in the ministry of Awaken.
  • Because of the growth we have seen we are currently restructuring different facets of the ministry all the way from parking & kids with space issues to the ability to care and allow people to get involved in the ministry here. Pray we are are able to prepare for God to bring another harvest this coming New Year.
Thank you again for praying for God to mobilize his spiritual forces.

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Pastor Brad said...

Praise the Lord for His work in VB, in Awaken, and in Team Pumphrey. Y'all are a great encouragement and catalyst to those of us here in Richmond.
... Brad G.

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