Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Am Mission

This past Sunday we just finished our first sermon series of the year entitled "I Am Mission". Through this series we looked at six different judges out of the book of scripture by the same title Judges. Following is a breakdown of this series as we carried our theme verse Judges 21:25 "In those days Israel had no king: everyone did as they saw fit."

Ehud the Left Handed Dude: What? Why does it matter that Ehud is left handed? Ehud shows incredible courage with God's divine providence.

Deborah a Women of True Resolve: Deborah was a woman that did not rely on the emotion of a situation in order to sustain her devotion to God. We have a tendency to trust our emotions more than the truths of scripture. Don't count on emotion to sustain our devotion to God. If we do we will do nothing but waver.

Gideon a Reluctant Leader Against All Odds: What would cause a guy like Gideon, the most unsuspected person, to rise up with such faith? Gideon saw the invisible, chose the imperishable, and did the impossible. When we see God and choose that which is imperishable it is amazing how we see God use us to do the impossible.

Abimelech was one God did not Raise Up: Say one thing with me. "IT IS NOT ABOUT ME". It is amazing how we often times try to raise ourselves up instead of lay ourselves down and let Christ rise up through us. Abimelech never got this and it was to his destruction.

Jephthah did not Let His Past Paralyze: Hurting people hurt people. It is amazing how much of our pasts effects and often paralyzes our future. Jephthah though born of a prostitute was able to move past his painful past and see God use him in amazing ways.

Samson Had True Power, But Astounding Weakness: Many would look at Samson and say his issue was pride, which is true. But another area of maybe even more weakness through his life was GREED. It is amazing how much this is an area of true weakness with the Church today.

If you missed any of the above messages or are maybe interested in this series you can find them at the following address.

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