Sunday, March 4, 2012

Men Vs. Women

I was personally reminded of the differences of men and women while playing with my kids. My 6 year old daughter asks why do adult teeth not hurt like baby teeth when they come in? Very good question, but while she asks this my son is rolling on the floor making growling noises! I couldn't help but think of how different Men and Women are. One is thinking and asking very intelligent questions, the other is grunting on the floor! HA!!

On one of our Sundays through our Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage Series we talked about the differences between Men and Women.

Top Five Needs of a Man:
1. Sexual Fulfillment: Husband feels close to their wives through sex and each should talk about this aspect of their relationship.
2. Recreational Companionship: Most men struggle to sit and talk, however they love doing things together. A husband and wife should find things they both enjoy doing together.
3. Attractive Spouse: A husband wants his wife to occasionally dress up and go on dates with him and take care of herself.
4. Domestic Support: Men have a need for a peaceful home. He wants to know that as he is leading and loving his family things are being taken care of on the home front.
5. Admiration: A guy wants a wife who believes in him and tells him that. Ladies tell your husband you are proud of him. Encourage him.

Top Five Needs of a Woman:
1. Affection: Guys your wives just want you to hold her and love her. It doesn't always have to be about sex!
2. Conversation: Men learn to talk to your wife. She needs you to talk to her. Set time aside to talk each week. This becomes harder with kids, but is desperately needed.
3. Total Trust: A wife needs to know she can be open and honest with her husband. Trust is a valuable and fragile thing that must be continually worked on.
4. Provided For: Guys get a job! Provide for your family. She doesn't need to be rich or have everything she wants, but she must feel she is provided for and stable.
5. Family Commitment: Though a guy needs a peaceful home that doesn't mean that a husband is not a husband or a father. A woman needs to know he is committed to his family no matter what.

Material taken from popular book "His Needs, Her Needs" by Willard Harley

For more on this topic listen to the following sermon:

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