Monday, July 23, 2012

Christians Gone Wild

We currently as a Church are going through a series in 1 Corinthians called Christians Gone Wild.  We chose the book of Corinthians because it is a book about bringing maturity to those that claim to know Jesus.  Just this past Sunday we were covering Chapter 10:1-14 talking about idolatry. 

I told our people the problems in our lives are not so much the obvious things we know we shouldn't be doing, but instead the good things in our lives that we raise up to be "god" things; or as I refer to them our "Functional Saviors".

We can identify these "Functional Saviors" by first answering the question, what is my "Little Hell".  For example maybe your "Little Hell" is being single the rest of your life.  If that is the case then your "Functional Savior" is getting married.  Is marriage bad?  Not at all, it has the potential of being a great blessing in your life.  But if we raise it to "god" status it has the potential to be very destructive.  Because then it becomes an idol (functional savior) taking the place of Jesus in our lives. 

Below are a list of questions I gave our people to identify their "Functional Saviors":

  • ·      What are you most afraid of?
  • ·      What is your greatest fear?  Something scared of not having, not being, not doing.
  • ·      What are you scare of?
  • ·      What do you long for most passionately?
  • ·      What do you care about?
  • ·      What do you think about?
  • ·      What are you motivated by?
  • ·      What do you give yourself to?
  • ·      What drives you, compels you, motivates you?
  • ·      Where do you run for comfort?
  • ·      What is frustrating in your life that you complain the most about?
  • ·      What angers you?
  • ·      What makes you happiest?
  • ·      What has made you angry with God?  What are you mad about?  Are you saying has wronged you, He sinned against you because He didn’t do what you wanted Him to do.
  • ·      What do you brag about? 
  • ·      What do you want to have more than anything else?
  • ·      If I could change one thing in my life it would be blank?
  • ·      Who’s approval are you seeking?
  • ·      What do you want to control or master?
  • ·      What comfort do you treasure the most?
You can follow the link below to listen to the message from this past Sunday.  Hope you are challenged with this message as I was.

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