Friday, August 17, 2012

Rockstar Mom's

 Day Two of bringing little guy home.  Silas Brin Pumphrey was born Tuesday August 14th at 2:33.  Connie is a Rockstar of a wife, but also a Rockstar of a mom.  NO MEDS!!  Being with my wife during the delivery of our fourth child got me thinking about Mom's. 

**My Mom was always my biggest cheerleader!  She said the skies the limit!  Dream and shoot high!

God used this to give me the confidence there is nothing that cannot be accomplished if you are willing to put in the discipline, perseverance, and know it is what God has called you to do.  Mom taught me to go hard after life.

**My Mom was always the stabilizer in the family.  With Dad working, my mom brought order to our home and made sure that things functioned.  Trust me with my mischievous personality order was often needed.

God really used my mom to teach me discipline as I watched her diligently go about keeping order in our home.  Discipline is one of the core elements that somebody needs through life.  Thanks Mom!

**My Mom sure did persevere through life as well.  She would tell stories about challenges through her life and I would watch her walk our family through challenges. She was sure to make mine and my sisters life better no matter the challenges we were faced with as a family.

This perseverance I learned through my mom taught me that I can walk through anything with God's help.  I learned through her steadfast example that nothing was going to take you down unless you let it.  There is always something we can learn along the journey.  Thanks for being a Fighter Mom!

**My Mom taught me time and time again about sacrifice.  There wasn't nothing she was willing to sacrifice for her kids and her family.

I really hope that through my life and leading my family that I can teach them what it means to sacrifice as my mom had taught me. 

**My Mom taught me respect.  There was no way I would have disrespected another person because I knew I would have to answer to mom for it.  This is something I think is missing a lot in our society.  Just a simple respect for others.

I can see my wife along with many of these other things teaching our kids what it means to respect people.  Through this hard lesson from my mom I believe it has really given me a value for loving people where they are at in life.  Not letting them stay there, but loving them forward.

These are just a few things I can think that my Mom taught me. 

Thanks Mom, for being a Rockstar Mom!

How was your Mom a Rockstar of a Mom?  Say Thanks!

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