Monday, September 24, 2012

Yesterday in Worship I believe God gave us all an image that what we have seen Him do in Awaken is only the beginning.  As Awaken is quickly moving towards our last Sunday on September 30 in our current meeting space there was a sense of excitement as we watch God lead us through the obstacle of unknown future meeting space.  There was an overall spirit that we have never been confined by the walls of a building so why start now.

For those that couldn't be in worship yesterday you missed a great one!  I encourage you to check out the message with the link below.  But to bring everybody up to speed, we have not been permitted to renew our current lease on Sunday Mornings with the current church we rent from.  To be brief the church we have been renting space from has become uncomfortable with our approach to ministry.  As you know at Awaken we do ministry in an unorthodox way where we will do anything short of sin to reach somebody with the gospel.  Things from Jousting on Father's Day, to Porn Sunday (talking to our men about the dangers of Pornography), to our Fight against Human Sex Trafficking.  However we have seen God do great things in both Awaken and the church that was gracious to house us this past year.  Holland Road has seen growth as well as many of their kids come to Jesus through this time.  Awaken has also seen people come to Christ and seen God cement more of the vision He has called us to through our continued growth.

One thing to keep in mind is that the early church was never contained to one particular space.  It was never identified by where it was, but in fact who they were.  It excites me to see God doing the same thing within the early story of Awaken.  Yes there is an uncertainty with one more week of meeting space, but as we talked about yesterday we prayed for this.  We prayed for God to lead us to our next home in a way that only He would receive the Glory.  We prayed that the only way to explain it would be to say God Moved!

If we truly want to be maturing in our faith and seeing new people coming to know Jesus we must be willing to face some amount of uncertainty.  And let me tell you I was ecstatic to see you as Awaken embrace our uncertainty with meeting space, but all the while knowing that our ministry to this city is just beginning. 

Through the Valley of Decision God Brings Mountain Top Provision.  Thanks for being Awaken and following and praying to God through this exciting time in our early history.

Love You Guys and Ready to Link Arms in Kicking the Devils Butt All Over This City!


sfriddle said...

Well said Mike. This is very true and very powerful! I am looking forward to see how God leads and provides for Awaken to accomplish our mission in Virginia Beach and throughout the world. I love the fact that Awaken has not been defined by the building it happens to be using at the time, but by our vision, mission and people. God can't be put into and box and neither can His church! Looking forward to see how God leads and provides for the future ministry of Awaken Church,,,exciting days ahead!!

Unknown said...

Mike and Connie I believe God will provide your church with a building the only way He can so He gets all the glory.

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