Monday, October 6, 2014

This past weekend Connie and the kids and I decided to go apple picking just over the Carolina border.  It was a beautiful drive through the country side.  The cool Fall breeze air, sunny skies, and no phones or social media was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Being that my thumb is more black than green it was also nice to pick apples and vegetables from another's garden.  Yes we paid to pick their garden.  Are you kidding I have the Holy Spirit (Connie) to convict.

You ever walk through seasons in life that don't make much sense?  Maybe times that God can feel more distant than close; times where confusion, maybe anger, and even frustration set in.  When I walk through these times it reminds me that my devotion to God is more than an emotional appeal, but is rooted in the theology that God is at work in my life during those seasons maybe more than any other.  James 1:2-4 we are told that these seasons of confusion and frustration are for the testing of our faith and that this testing can produce perseverance and that if we allow this work to completion maturity is the result.

As our family picked fruits and vegetables one couldn't help but notice there were more on the ground rotting than what was available to be picked.   But without this rotting fruit there wouldn't be fertile soil for the next crop.  I know many in Awaken right now are going through different struggles.  As your pastor my heart aches with you.  I know some have lost jobs, some have lost friends and family members recently, challenges at work, struggling marriages, financial difficulties, etc.  I too am walking through a season of struggle.  Vs. 5 of James says maybe the most important thing in this entire passage.  "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."  

Here are some questions to ponder what God may be up too:
  1.  God why am I going through this season right now?
  2.  God what is it that you want to show me and teach me during this season?
  3.  God what does your Word say about this?
  4.  God what does the Community of Believers around me say about this?
  5.  God what do you want me to do with these new found revelations?
  6.  God when do you want me to do this?

A day away from the busyness, away from phone calls, laughing, playing, and even some yummy fruits and veggies reminds me of God's sovereignty (Christianese that God is in control even when the allusion of my control is gone) and that He is working something much deeper than I realize at the moment.  Our seasons of struggle, where all we may see is rotting fruit around us, is God actually preparing the next seasons harvest.  As you pastor and friend my hope is you persevere to see the harvest.

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