Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 Beginnings & Changes

As a little boy I remember a friend and I had a grand scheme of turning my old BMX bike into a slick looking, state of the art, racing machine.  In his garage we disassembled it down to the frame with every intention of creating the work of art that was in our minds.  Well just like boys do, we got in a fight over something stupid (probably a girl) and we didn't hang out for like a week.  Well that week came and gone, just the vision for that BMX bike came and gone, until years later and I thought Timmy still has MY bike.  Looking back I learned something valuable as a boy about ownership and how tightly or should I say loosely we should hold onto things. 

This time last year God began teaching me the same principle just on a larger scale.  God's Church in essence is just that His Church.  I think we all can logically say that because we read it in the scriptures, but just like anything it takes time to really sink in.  A year ago we began a Campaign to move us into a place of multiplication to see the gospel go out further beyond our current boundaries.  We called it Re:Awaken 2016 with three goals (I've written about prior) to help us begin to see a multiplication of leaders and churches in our area for the expansion of the gospel.  I remember distinctly as I left a meeting leading into our campaign God specifically telling me "I love you and it's mine".  This has been a rich season riddled with people struggling as well as lives being changed and progress with gospel expansion.

David Sowers one of our up and coming leaders, who lead a baptism celebration at his home
In 2013 a number of our families dealt with loss that came in many forms including death, disease, sickness, suicide attempts, job loss among other things.  When we walk through these sorts of chaotic things in our lives it creates chaos in our lives that can either throw us into cycles of destruction or remind us that stability can be found through Jesus.   Stepping back you can see where this past year God is developing a maturity centered around the gospel with many who have just begun their journey following Jesus in the last few years.

Here is a Video of a Recent Baptism where 7 were baptized at one of our family's pools with many neighbors and friends present that are not involved in Awaken.  This was a rich time as I also had the privilege of baptizing our oldest son Malachi.


Looking back it is hard to believe how fast time moves.  When we landed in Virginia Beach Malachi was only 3 months old and now he's 6, in first grade and making decisions to follow Jesus.  Mal is loving sports, playing his second year of basketball while Silas being our baby at 2 cheers anytime the ball goes in the hoop no matter who scores.  Ryley is 9 in third grade and seems like she is going on 16 and ready to drive.  She has grown so quickly and is really growing into a young lady.  She has really taken on the role of oldest and is really a great big sister.  Caydyn our third child is 3, in her second year of preschool and has enough personality for several people.  We affectionately call her MiniMommy as she reminds family of Connie at that age.  I love it!

Family fun at a near by orchard this past Fall.  Silas hurt his finger!

For Connie and I God has really been teaching us a lot about health in all facets of life.  Physically Connie and I have lost more than 50 lbs combined as we wanted to be more healthy entering what seems like a new season of life.  Through 2014 God also really helped us better understand our gifts and passions for the future.  Connie has decided to start school and is considering a possible psychology degree, which fits into her passion of wanting to help people understand why they do what they do.  For myself over the last year God has given me a larger voice regarding church planting in our area through coaching and strategy work as I have continued to lead Awaken and empower other leaders.

Connie and I looking our best for David and Stacey Bolen's wedding.  Tons of fun and great privilege!

As God taught Connie and I a lot about health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually over 2014, it feels like a new season in life as we are moving into some new frontiers in 2015.  With the coaching and encouragement of some leaders we decided in January to step into a new role.  I will remain part time with Awaken as the Vision and Teaching Pastor and allow others we have raised into differing leadership roles in the last few years to lead.  My time will be split as a part time support raising missionary role allowing my gifts and passions of helping see other church planters be successful and raising up future leaders and planters.  Partnering with other churches, organizations and individuals we believe we could see a Network in our area for Church Planting where we believe we could have influence in 30-50 churches beginning in the next 2-3 years.   Through Awaken we are in the process of planting in a section of Hampton Roads called Portsmouth and also looking at the potential of planting in Low Income Neighborhoods.  To help with this transition I've also picked up a Real Estate License to allow bi-vocational earning, so if you know anybody wanting to buy a home in beautiful Virginia Beach give me a call!  https://www.facebook.com/MichaelPumphreyRealEstate

This said, 2014 was a great year of stretching and growing for both Awaken and our family.  During these seasons we often learn a lot about ourselves and with 2015 enters an exciting new frontier as God puts us in a place to put these lessons into practice.  Pray for us as we enter this new season of life and ministry as a regional missionary and as God leads Awaken through a plurality of leaders.


Lani said...

Love seeing what God has done within Awaken. I will continue to pray for God to grow & strengthen Awaken, our surrounding cities & your family. Thank you for all you & your family have done & continues to do.

Unknown said...

Thanks for being a part Lani! It is awesome to see how God has moved in your family's life as well!

Anonymous said...

So encouraging, and uplifting to my soul, to read and see! Kelly and I join with you in prayer, joy, hope and excitement as God, our loving Father, continues to write His story through your lives! It continues to touch us with encouragement and challenge these many miles away. :)

Jesus, might Mike and Connie continue to enjoy being part of Your church. Might they enjoy rest in Your yoke, and learning from You - the things hidden from the wise and learned, and revealed to little children. :) You alone know the Father. Thank You for revealing Him. Thank You for being gentle and humble in heart - for taking the hard and heavy end, leaving us with the easy and light. Might Mike, Connie and the kids enjoy being the clay pots that hold this tremendous treasure, showing that the all-surpassing power is from God and not from them. Might Your light, and the Life that comes with it, shine in there hearts. Might they, themselves, greatly enjoy the rest.... learning.... revelation.... gentleness.... humility.... easy.... light.... treasure.... light.... and Life as they share it with others. :) [Matthew 11; 2 Corinthians 4; John 1]

Thanks for sharing!

Jerry (for Kelly too)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jerry and Kelly for praying for this ever changing and ever challenging endeavor to plant more churches that impact people to know Jesus! Love you guys!

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