Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Launch

I am excited for where we are as a new church. It has been an extremely busy summer, but fruitful one as well. Here are some quick updates. Please continue to be in prayer.
  • We have been averaging about 30 a week in our Sunday Morning attendance.
  • Through the summer we have seen the commitment of our people grow through serving, carrying the vision of Awaken, and tithing.
  • During the summer we estimated we touched 30,000 people through outreaches, information distribution, and word of mouth. Some of our outreaches consisted of a soccer camp, backyard Bible camp, art camp, movie night, passing out water, block parties, etc...
  • We have created a positive image in the community where people are recognizing us and some are seeing us as a church that loves the city.
  • Just this past Sunday we hosted our first baptism with a husband and wife being baptized after a decision to follow Christ.
  • We are launching a new Children's Ministry this fall with a Children's Director and the team she has established.
  • I have recently cut down to 20 hours a week with my engineering job, with a goal to go full-time with the church by January.

  • Please pray as we are seeking God to break 65 in average worship by January.
  • Please pray for 8 more people to give their life to Jesus and 13 more to be baptized before the end of the year.
  • Please pray for our Fall Launch series as we are talking about marriage.
  • Please pray for our Fall Launch Grand Opening Celebration to take place through the month of October.
  • Please continue to pray as we solidify funding for 2011.
  • Please pray as I plan to go full time with the church by January.
  • Please pray as we look to host groups in through the school year to help us serve the city, but also for those coming in a fresh vision for Church Planting and Missions.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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