Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spreading Seed

One question that might be asked, which once asked really sounds like a ridiculous question after all. How much seed should we sow? Maybe there is a better way to rephrase that. There are a lot of people starving that need fed when the next harvest comes in. Therefore with that context how much seed should I sow? As much as possible!! Right?!? If there are starving people that need to eat at the next harvest or they won't make it we need to spread as much seed as possible. I mean isn't it almost inhumane not to?

Since we are looking at so many questions let me ask another one. How many people should we try to reach with the gospel? Jesus often talked in parables that involved farming. So therefore how much seed of the gospel should we sow in hopes of a great harvest? How many people are starving for the truth's of Jesus who may not be here for the next harvest?

Are we being faithful with the seed of the gospel God has given us? Are we spreading as much seed as we possibly can, praying and working for a great harvest? No we can't make the harvest grow, but we can plant, water, and be ready to reap when God brings in the store house.

We are approaching one of the more heightened times of spiritual interest during the year. Please be praying as we have worked at planting, watering, and preparing to reap a harvest this Fall as we kick off our series called "I Hate My Marriage" in the month of October. Pray God blesses the following work that has been done...
  • 30,000 plus contacts through summer outreaches
  • 8 Billboards we received an incredible deal for advertising for this series
  • 5,000 piece mailer for our Fall Series
  • Series Website...
  • 3 Community Letters sent to several hundred people we have impacted during an outreach over the past two years
  • 40 day lintel fast the core of the church as been challenged to be involved in leading up
  • Hundreds of personal invites that are to be made
  • Preparation to launch a new Children's Ministry
  • Preparation at providing an overall better Worship Experience on Sunday Morning

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Unknown said...

Things really seem to be taking off down there!
Pray for you guys every day.
God bless
Pam Harris

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